You Can Try These Tips To Prevent Roof From Leaking

A leaky roof is one of the problems that often occurs when it rains heavily. This must be very irritating for those who feel it, especially if the heavy rain comes unexpectedly so that the residents of the house do not anticipate it first. Therefore, consulting experts from Roofing Companies Afton OK can help you prepare your to roof better when the rainy season draws near.

Furthermore, if you want to prevent the roof from leaking, you can do the following tips:

Check it regularly

Checking the roof regularly is something you can do to prevent leaks. Identify problems at points that frequently experience leaks such as drains or pipes. If you find water still inundating the roof of the house, immediately close the leak. Do not allow the leak points to be eroded or damaged because this will further open up opportunities for the roof to leak.

Check the perimeter

The next step is to check the completeness of the roof of the house. Starting from checking the leak-proof layer and roof membrane. Look for areas that are already ripped and have holes in them, as these will be places where rainwater will flow in. If there are mold and grease around the roof, clean it immediately. Mold and mildew will grow in damp roof areas and are prone to leaks.

Clean up standing water

Stagnant water is one of the main triggers for roof leaks. Therefore, regularly clean drains and gutters so that the roof of the house is free from water obstruction. If you find leaves stuck on the roof of your house, remove them immediately because they will block the way the rainwater falls to the ground.

Air ventilation

One of the causes of leakage is the roof of the house that is too damp. A good air circulation system will avoid porous roofs.

Give it a special layer

In order for the roof to be stronger withstand water seepage, layer the tiles with a special coating or tile paint. The tile paint can cover the cracks of tiles and prevent water from seeping into the house. In addition, the tile paint will also make the roof surface slippery so that rainwater can flow more freely.

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