You Can Do These 5 Steps To Save A Whatsapp Status

The Whatsapp status that has been created is actually saved automatically on your smartphone. The saved status will also be deleted automatically within 24 hours. Therefore, before the status is deleted, you can save it. However, the saved status cannot appear directly on the smartphone gallery. Well, before that, you have to do the 5 steps in this article. On the other hand, if you also need ideas for writing your WhatsApp status in Hindi, you can simply explore status here.

1. Open the file manager or file storage on your smartphone. Select internal storage (internal storage / internal memory).

2. Then select the Whatsapp folder.

3. After that select the Media folder> Whatsapp Images (for photo storage)> Sent.

4. So that your status is not lost within 24 hours, move the photos to another storage by copy and paste.

5. If the steps above are correct, then your gallery will display photos from your Whatsapp status.

Those are the tips for saving Whatsapp status from us. We hope this information will be of use to you, especially if you want to save your status as a memento.

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