Tips When Traveling

When going traveling alone, make sure you have recorded the phone numbers of the people closest to you, the police, hospitals, inns, and so on. Don’t just on a smartphone, write the numbers on a piece of paper. After arriving at our destination, also have tips for you, to be safe. Here are the tips:

Don’t Tell Others That You Are Alone
Be aware of the circumstances around you. Even though not everyone is bad, you still have to be careful. If someone asks your traveling companion, it’s better to lie for safety and convenience.

Wear clothes according to your destination
The key, be as normal as possible as if you are not a stranger. Furthermore, the way you dress will make people’s perceptions of you. Generally, local people prefer simple local tourists because they are considered respecting local culture.

Regular Social Media Updates
Traveling alone forces you to become a social media sissy. It’s okay, this medium helps tell the world where you are right now. If anything unexpected happens, they will quickly find you.

Do not be careless
There are many ways to express yourself when traveling. But, unfortunately, not all the things you usually do at home mean the same thing in other places. For example, you used to call a friend by moving your hand up and down. In Korea, that is very rude. Because that gesture is a gesture to call a dog.

Trust Instinct
The role of instinct is important when you walk alone. If you feel bad, you better immediately look for another place while calming down. Instinct can pick up on danger signals. If you feel that something is wrong, it means that something unpleasant will happen.

Fill Your Bucket List
When traveling solo, express your heart’s content. But you still have to remember the limits that shouldn’t be crossed. You can take selfies, interact with local people, or try to cook straight from the kitchen to color your trip.

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