Instagram Captions With CAT Are More Attractive

Call-to-Action or CAT is a sentence that invites followers to do something. This can invite someone to share photos or information that you want to share with many people. There are many ways to CAT. Meanwhile, if you run out of ideas for writing captions, you can simply visit to find more excellent Instagram captions.

First, you can say “Double-tap if you think it’s funny” or “You can share the same story in the comments column.”

Second, use questions to get people to comment. For example: The park is my first choice when I’m bored. Where do you go when you feel bored?

Third, use the tag friends’ method to share your photos. For example, if you upload a photo on Valentine’s Day with your family, you can write a caption like this, “Spending this sweet case day with loved ones. Tag someone who is with you on this special day “

Finally, for you bloggers or YouTubers, you can also promote your channel on Instagram, by inviting them directly to the link in the bio or inviting them directly to visit your website or channel. For example, “I just uploaded my latest artwork, you can check it out on my bio link.”