Maintain Performance And Engine Life

John Deere offers two engine maintenance support products: Engine Oil Plus – 50 II and Coolant (Radiator Fluid) Cool Gard II. These two products are presented to maintain performance and extend engine life. Maintaining and keeping the condition of the engine (red-engine) on the tractor and heavy equipment is an important thing that must always be done. The goal is that the machine is always working in optimal performance. And this maintenance must be carried out periodically so that unit readiness remains high, avoiding unnecessary repair costs and long service life. With the john deere technical manuals free you could maintain the machinery properly.

Engine oil or engine lubricants are the main aspects that must be of particular concern in engine maintenance. Engine oil, apart from carrying out its main function as a lubricant for friction parts, is also useful for preventing component wear and preventing corrosion. Without a good lubricant, wear and tear occurs more quickly and cause premature damage to the engine which of course will result in much higher repair costs compared to regular maintenance with guaranteed quality engine oil. Other functions of engine oil apart from those discussed above are also useful as engine cleaners in the engine. Oil serves to close gaps such as between the piston and cylinder, thereby reducing the possibility of compression leakage. As is known, no matter how tight the components between engines are, there is still a gap that must be lubricated to avoid damage due to friction from the rotation of the engine components. A good oil will be able to carry debris or dirt to be filtered by the engine oil filter.

Plus – 50 II is a premium engine oil designed to protect engines and meet low emission standards for various needs for diesel engine heavy equipment. The Plus – 50II engine oil is proven to be able to support the performance of engines such as tractors, which are very heavy duty machines and are operated in extreme conditions. This oil contains a special formula recommended for naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and electronic control engines that have Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).