Importance of Logistics Warehouse in Supply Chain Activities

Before discussing further the importance of a logistics warehouse, it is better if we first understand what a warehouse is in general. The definition of a warehouse is the facilities and means to regulate the storage process, the movement of goods and the warehouse is part of logistics. Then what is the purpose of the warehouse itself? There is only one answer, namely, cost savings. Why is it related to costs or fees? The answer goes back to the notion of logistics. Namely as a systematic planer for the right procurement of goods, right time, right amount, right condition, with affordable cost emphasis. Self storage can be included in this category because the warehouse has equipment for securing and guaranteeing the safety of goods from various accidents. For example, security from flood, rain, overheating, theft, etc, brilliant-storage.

It is undeniable that the warehouse also plays a role in every movement of goods, both actual and data. Because a good warehouse will be equipped with manpower facilities that have good credibility. In fulfilling the needs of the community, it has various types of necessities that exist in the community. These needs are quite important in every community’s daily activities in every existing activity. With the fulfillment of further in every need that exists during people’s life, there are various types of needs needed by the community in the existing survival. These basic needs, such as the need for food in food, the need for clothing in clothes, and also the needs for housing in the residence are the three basic needs that need to be met by the community.

And to meet these basic needs, one way that people can do is to use logistical activities in the fulfillment process. The logistics sector is one of the sectors that is quite important so that basic needs in the community can be fulfilled properly. In an existing logistics activity, of course, it has various kinds of activities that exist in the logistics process. Call it activities such as receiving and delivering goods, recording and stocking goods in a warehouse, sorting goods in a warehouse or warehouse, to carrying out logistics distribution activities are examples of activities in existing logistics activities.

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