Cleaning Crust And Stains On Tiles

Having a comfortable and clean bathroom is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, the bathroom is an area that is prone to getting dirty because it gets damp easily. Problems that are often found on bathroom tile walls, including crust, stains, and moss, which are very disturbing to the view. Dirt, soap residue, mould, and mildew that have been deposited on ceramics for too long can cause crust and stains. Crusty floors certainly create a dirty impression. You could get rid of this easily by using the service of local carpet cleaner services Sydney. The professional could make the tiles looks like new again without all that crust and stains.

But you could also do it on your own and one effective way to clean it is by using vinegar. Previously, wet the bathroom walls and floors tile with boiling water. Hot water can loosen dirt and soap residue that build up the crust. Place the white vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray it all over any crusty bathroom walls or floors. Let the hot water mix with the vinegar, then scrub the floors and walls with a ceramic brush. After rinsing with clean water, apply car wax to the ceramic walls and floor to make it look shinier. If the descaling method in this bathroom doesn’t work, you can try again the next day.

Apart from vinegar, citric acid, also known as citrus, is effective in cleaning the scale. Citric acid is also harmless when it comes in contact with skin, so you don’t need to worry. First, clean the crust on the floor and bathroom walls by scrubbing them with a pumice stone and soapy water. Then, rinse the tiles with clean water until the remaining soap is gone. When the tile is still wet, immediately sprinkle the citric acid powder all over the crusted ceramic parts. Let the citric acid sit on the ceramic for one hour. After an hour, scrub the ceramics with a brush while rinsing with water. Given that the acid content in citrus is not too hard, it will take several times to remove the scale that has long adhered to the ceramic.

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